Welcome to my startup journey

In March 2022 I set out to build a $1M startup in public. My hope is to shine a light on what it's like to be a founder and to share my progress in real-time. I hope you'll join me in celebrating the ups and pushing through the downs!

Owning my destiny is what motivates me. To gain the freedom to better myself and the world around me without worrying about how to for pay it. I'm also a maker who can't rest when something's half-finished.

Running a startup is terrifying at times; exhilarating in others. One thing’s for sure: the pursuit alone, when it's been focused on honest reflection and hard work, has undoubtedly made me a stronger, kinder person 💪🙏.

The main question to consider:

Can you put yourself out there in a way that confronts reality head-on and, if nothing else comes from it, be satisfied with the growth you’ll make as a human? If yes, then I firmly believe you have nothing to lose.
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About my background

I'm a technical founder who started my first startup in 2006. It's been a bumpy ride, but my biggest success was Mailshake, which generated ~$20M in revenue during my tenure and was bootstrapped from day one.


Today's Menu
Delightful software for building and hosting restaurant menus. In less than 5 minutes you'll have professional menus on your website. Desserts, happy hour, or just one menu to rule them all.
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Drop job boards onto your company website. Candidates apply to job openings and their resume is automatically converted to PDF and emailed to your hiring manager(s).
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I create Snaptro pages when I need a human touch to explain something. Great for including in cold email outreach or as a one-stop link to direct people to everything you’re working on.
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Project Wiverna
Financial survival is the blood of your startup. Keeping track of the subscriptions you’re paying for and forecasting your runway is the one unskippable step in building a business.
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Key moments from journey
New Teammate
New Teammate is an onboarding experience for new employees where they meet coworkers through video introductions.
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Key moments from journey

The Journey

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