Welcome to my startup journey

Thanks for riding shotgun to this wild ride. I’m your narrator and if you’re new here, maybe a good place to start is with philosophy.

Owning my destiny is what motivates me. To gain the freedom to better myself and the world around me without worrying about how to for pay it. I'm also a maker who can't rest when something's half-finishedmore

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About my journey

I took my first steps as a founder in 2006. I’ve had my share of setbacks, but my biggest success was Mailshake, which was bootstrapped and generated ~$20M in revenue during my tenure.

I’m going solo this time and trying to build a $1M business in public. I want to shine a light on what it’s like to be a founder, and I want you with me as I build, sell, validate, suffer, and (hopefully) succeed!


Drop job boards onto your company website. Candidates apply to job openings and their resume is automatically converted to PDF and emailed to your hiring manager(s).
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I create Snaptro pages when I need a human touch to explain something. Great for including in cold email outreach or as a one-stop link to direct people to everything you’re working on.
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Project Wiverna
Financial survival is the blood of your startup. Keeping track of the subscriptions you’re paying for and forecasting your runway is the one unskippable step in building a business.
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Key moments from journey

Key moments in my journey

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Dropboard is my main focus. Are you part of an organization that is interested in a specialized plan?