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Add easy hiring to your company website.

A job board with a thoughtful candidate experience, completely contained on your “About Us” page.

Most applicant tracking systems are overkill, so we chiseled away to something simple. Put Dropboard anywhere and start hiring smarter.

*knock knock*

“hey, can you add this new job to our site?

There’s no need to bother your web gal/guy.
Dropboad is easy to install and then you’re forever in control of your hiring experience.

Manage job listings Drag Dropboard onto your theme Customize your job board

An empathetic experience for candidates and hiring managers

Friendly, easy-to-use form

Make it easy for candidates to submit their resume. Our validation ensures that the submissions you get include all the candidate’s information.

Match your branding

Your job listings and the application panel are styled to match your brand so that the experience is seamlessly integrated with your site.

Include a thank you note

Customize the thank you message and email confirmation to match your branding.

Email notification screenshot
Automatically converted to PDF

No matter what format your candidate uses, you’ll always receive the attachment in PDF format. This takes the pain out of opening files and greatly speeds up the review process.

Just hit reply

When you’re ready for next steps, just reply to our notifications to start the conversation with your candidate.


We’re listening and ready to support you

World-class support

We pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive to our customers. Because of our dedication, Dropboard gets better with each site it’s added to. We want you to succeed and we want to make sure we’re a part of that success.


See it in action

Below is a fake list of job openings using our platform. Feel free to apply to one of these jobs to try out the candidate experience!

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Most applicant tracking systems are overly complicated and costly. Dropboard gets out of your way and makes hiring more efficient.

7-day free trial (no credit card)
  • Unlimited job openings
  • Unlimited candidate applications
  • Branding and messaging customization
  • Application panel to collect resumes
$19 / mo
Save 21%
$14.90 / mo